Sri [email protected] Hosts Exponential Thinking Webinar with Innovation Expert Paul D. Roberts

The U.S.-supported Sri [email protected] ([email protected]) hosted a public webinar featuring Paul D. Roberts, partner at Be Courageous Innovation and faculty member at Singularity University. As a partner at Be Courageous Innovation, a growth consultancy firm, Paul is a sought-after speaker and has delivered 260+ talks and 80 programs to organizations and global audiences on various topics including innovation and exponential growth. Exponential growth or exponential thinking is a concept introduced by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis of Singularity University; at its core exponential thinking encourages companies and entrepreneurs to leverage evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence to drive accelerated growth.

The session, which was attended by nearly 300 participants, focused on helping the audience understand the emerging technologies that will shape the future, the rapidly volatile environment that companies operate in, how companies can fortify their businesses against potential future risks and capitalize on opportunities to drive growth. 

“This concept of exponential growth is critical in helping Sri Lanka achieve high-income status so it can better compete on the world stage. With initiatives like Sri [email protected], we are helping Sri Lankan firms to effectively navigate the current challenges, become more resilient, and increase profits and employment,” said Debra Mosel, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Mission Director for Sri Lanka and Maldives. “We hope that this and subsequent webinars in this series will provide useful and practical ideas that can be used to drive exponential growth for individuals, businesses, and ultimately, for Sri Lanka.”

[email protected] co-founder and Stax Managing Director Ruwindhu Peiris emphasized the vital importance of programs such as this to help build Sri Lanka’s future: “Encouraging an exponential mindset and an essentially optimistic way of thinking about the future is fundamental to what we stand for at Sri [email protected] It’s only when a large share of companies and individuals in our country start thinking in this way and acting accordingly that we will start to see transformational growth.”

[email protected] is a private sector-led business development platform that was launched in 2020 with support from the U.S. Government’s development arm, USAID. Its goal is to play an impactful part in making Sri Lanka a high-income country by 2048, i.e., within 100 years of independence. This initiative helps high potential small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to optimize internal operations, enhance product portfolios, access new markets, attract smart capital, and create next-generation businesses. [email protected] also conducts capacity-building events, such as this webinar, which are open to a broader audience of SMEs, entrepreneurs, and young leaders.

The webinar was supported by leading Sri Lankan organizations and businesses including NDB Bank, SLASSCOM, AMCHAM, Daily FT, and the CFA Society of Sri Lanka.

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