We believe that the rapid growth needed to make Sri Lanka a High-Income Country will be fueled by Mid-Market Firms

Small and Medium Enterprises are the Backbone of the Economy

A robust SME sector is a characteristic of successful economies across the world. But small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to access the finance and expertise necessary to grow market reach, and growth will always be limited while depending on a consumer base of 21 million.


On average, only ~17% of a Sri Lankan medium-sized business’s revenue comes from foreign sales

Source: Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka 

The [email protected] platform will focus on enabling rapid growth for Sri Lanka’s mid-market firms, including helping them become less dependent on the domestic market for revenue.

We understand that mid-sized firms face many obstacles to growth

The [email protected] Platform provides high-quality, critical business advisory services to support firms to overcome those hurdles

Our Values


Support of traditionally under-served groups - whether in terms of region, gender, or other factors - will be a focus of this platform.


22% to 39% of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Sri Lanka are owned by women

Source: Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka 


The unmet financing need of women-owned MSMEs in South Asia is USD 27Bn

Source: World Bank


With digital democratization, the advantage is no longer necessarily with the large player. Agile entrants are delivering excellence and disrupting large incumbents across industries and geographies.

There is a plethora of high-caliber support available for startups (accelerators etc.) and large enterprises (consultants etc.), but mid-market firms get lost in between our aim is to change that.​