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The pandemic may have turned tables against you, but does that warrant you to whittle away your people?

Businesses across the globe have been severely impinged by the pandemic, that they have had to restructure operations to stay afloat, and in the quest to do so, prioritize their continuity at the cost of key value contributors, even in the form of laying off employees or switching supply chain partners.There has been a lot of debate around the humanity of such organizations that put their survival first; yet businesses have had their fair share of arguments justifying their actions. While unempathetic is the discernment of employees, prudence is the perception of businesses.

Downward pressure on the economy continues as cargo ship sinks off the island’s West coast

Not too long after maneuvering out of the aftermath of the second wave of COVID-19, the country has had to run into another outbreak. At a point in time like this, when one thinks it can’t get any worse, the EU spells warning of a withdrawal of GSP+ ...

Portfolio Feature
Saraketha Organics - Sri Lanka’s largest certified organic exporter of ethically sourced products joins our platform

Saaraketha Organics is a home-grown enterprise founded by former MAS executive Prasanna Hettiarachchi together with his wife Charitha Hettiarachchi. The initiative, which was originally a fresh produce company, has since expanded...

Portfolio Feature
D.D. Atukorala - A diversified business group projecting a clear trajectory for growth has been onboarded to our platform

Established in 1926, as a bakery outlet by the late Mr. D. D. Atukorala, the company subsequently moved into the grocery trade in the Kegalle district, before expanding into rubber and tea verticals...

Portfolio Feature
UHE Exports - An esteemed group poised for exponential growth joins our platform

UHE Group offers a diversified range of services and products for their worldwide clientele. Having begun in 1971 with tea manufacturing, the Group owns and operates three tea estates island-wide. The Group has since then expanded to set up UHE

Our Partnerships
Sri [email protected] signs MOU with NDB to enable increased access to finance for mid-market firms and SMEs

Our platform recently initiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Development Bank PLC (NDB Bank) that will...

Our Partnerships
NDB Offers ERP Solutions to the Bank’s MSME base as a part of “NDB Jayagamu Sri Lanka”

NDB offers ERP solutions to the Bank’s MSME base. The Bank has entered into agreements with companies such as Codevus (Pvt) Ltd...

Q3 Webinar: Transformational growth

For most firms, strategy is a stale, repetitive process, not a creative, ambitious, innovative strategy design. In the face of globalization and evermore rapid pace of change, leading companies are learning to work differently...

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A survey gauging confidence of Small and Medium Enterprises on their business environment

Another Six High-Potential Mid-Sized Portfolio Companies have been onboarded to the platform through our Second Round

Global Vinyl (Pvt) Ltd., Greenfield Bio Plantations (Pvt) Ltd., Wavenet International (Pvt) Ltd., Damsila Resources (Pvt) Ltd., Ranfer International (Pvt) Ltd. and Ramya Horticulture (Pvt) Ltd. have been selected to be our next group of Portfolio companies after an intense application and selection process