A resilient business model needs no warning to brace for impact, it is built to weather the storm!

COVID-19 came with no prior warning - it walked right into the future of many businesses and completely flipped their outlooks. Just yesterday, some of these companies were big giants; yet, today they are scraping reserves to file for bankruptcy. Airbus, Boeing, Adidas, Booking.com, Tripadvisor.com, close to 70% of US restaurants, major international banks – name it and they are struggling!

Pressure on the economy continues as fuel price hike comes in at a time that is least opportune.

The Sri Lankan government announced a sharp increase in the price of fuel last month, prompted by trends ...

Associate Feature
Panther - A group acclaimed for harnessing function-driven modern stationery solutions​

[email protected] is proud to publicize that we have onboarded Panther to our list of Associate companies. As we move forward with the resolve of bringing ...

Our Partnerships
“NDB Jayagamu Sri Lanka” assists in the country’s post-COVID economic revival

NDB recently launched a unique, multifaceted initiative “NDB Jayagamu Sri Lanka” to help Sri Lanka’s exporters and innovators in order to assist the country in post-COVID revival...

Guest Column
Preparing for a post pandemic world- The ‘Next Normal’

The Covid 19 pandemic has reminded us all, albeit in an unprecedented manner that we live in a VUCA world. One can argue that the notion- 'Survival of the most Adaptable’ is the norm ...

Sri [email protected] platform selects six high-potential mid-sized companies in its second round

Funded by the United States, Sri [email protected] ([email protected]) onboarded six high-potential companies to receive business advisory services. Sri [email protected] will work closely with the six selected companies to identify expansion opportunities, streamline internal ...

Sri [email protected] hosts its first virtual networking event for portfolio and associate companies

Sri [email protected] hosted its 1st virtual networking event for its 13 portfolio and 2 associate level companies on the 8th ...

US-supported Sri [email protected] conducts webinar, helping SMEs to drive towards “transformational growth”

Sri [email protected] ([email protected]) conducted a webinar on July 22, titled, “Unlocking Opportunities with Transformational Growth” to support high-potential ...

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SME Pulse: Pessimistic outlook

A survey gauging confidence of Small and Medium Enterprises on their business environment