Webinar: “From Start-up to USD 2bn": An entrepreneur's journey to creating a healthcare disruptor

Date: October 6, 2021
Time: 6pm
Theme :  “From Start-up to USD 2 “: An entrepreneur’s journey to creating a healthcare disruptor
Duration: 90 mins
Rushika founded Iora Health with the goal of creating a network of clinics that would
transform the healthcare delivery model in the U.S, intending to offer better healthcare at a
lower cost. At Iora, there is a dedicated advocate for each patient (their own behavioral
health specialist) connecting the patient with a team that works together to treat them,
all within the scope of primary care. These specialists provide short-term counseling,
assessments and referrals. Rushika’s journey taking Iora from a start up to a multi-billion-dollar business in the span of a decade will provide valuable insights to business owners looking to scale their companies to the next level. The webinar will share insights on how Iora changed everything from the fee-for-service payment structure to the staffing to the IT
systems in order to give more agency to patients.
 About Speaker:
Rushika has spent the last eight years building Iora Health, a venture backed, primary care group based in Boston. He was the first Executive Director of the Harvard Interfaculty Program for Health Systems Improvement, and served as a Managing Director of the Advisory Board Company. Rushika also serves on the faculty and earned his AB, MD, and MPP from Harvard University.