Is the pandemic still disrupting your business? Perhaps it is your value chain that needs fixing!
Our last article explored what an organization could do on its own to future-proof itself. This month, we look at how the entire value chain within which it operates can be shock-proofed by functioning as a cohesive eco-system.

Shortages of essential consumer items adds to the chaos caused by the COVID-19 Delta variant

This month, the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus has brought a fresh tide of bad news, offering a sobering look on...

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NDB paves the path towards empowering women

NDB Bank has been at the forefront of supporting MSME’s, women-led enterprises and project finance. The Bank’s strategic initiative “Banking on...

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ISSO - The diner that has made Sri Lankans’ taste buds crave for the authentic flavor of “Prawns”

Sri [email protected] is happy to partner with “ISSO”, an authentic restaurant specialized in prawn-centric...

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How could companies gear themselves for a post COVID-19 era?

We first need to see how countries are preparing to face a post-COVID world. We can observe a shift to a closed economy and towards nationalist...

Webinar: “From Start-up to USD 2bn": An entrepreneur's journey to creating a healthcare disruptor

Rushika founded Iora Health with the goal of creating a network of clinics that would transform the healthcare delivery model....

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SME Pulse: Neutral outlook

SME pulse computes an aggregate monthly SME market sentiment score based on crowd psychology and sentiment on business environment influencing ...